Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 8, 2008: TRICLOPS!


Our Tuesday debut kicked off by featuring music from many of the band playing in the SF Bay Area this summer including the way-out-now-sounds of TRICLOPS! and an interview with Christian, the groups guitar player. I'm often at a loss when describing TRICLOPS! so listen to the podcast and make up your own mind - or better yet GO SEE THEM LIVE!!!!

Set List
* show starts 2:00 minutes in

The Ventures: 3's A Crowd - Where The Action Is! [1966]

45 Grave: Evil - Hell Comes To Your House [1981]
Danzig: Bringer of Death (live) - When Dead Had No Name: EPs and B-Sides [1995]
Run-D.M.C.: Raising Hell Radio Tour Spot - Raising Hell [CD] [1986]
The Blasters: 21 Days In Jail - American Music [1997]
Triclops!: Freedom Tickler - Too Many Humans 7" [2007]

Thor: 1976 Vancover News Item - An-Thor-Logy: 1976-1985 (DVD) [2005]
Thor: Thunder on the Tundra - Only The Strong [1985]
ArnoCorps: Predator - The Greatest Band of All Time [2005]

::: Interview - Christian of Triclops! :::

Triclops!: Iraqi Curator - Too Many Humans 7" [2007]

Shonen Knife: Gyoza - Happy Hour [1998]
The Jaguars: Dancing Lonely Night - GS I Love You Too (va) [1967]
The Youngers: Hanashitakunai - GS I Love You Too (va) [1968]
The Carnabeats: Chu! Chu! Chu! - GS I Love You Too (va) [1968]
Electric Eel Shock: Slow Down - Beat Me [n/a]
Guitar Wolf: Jet Generation - Jet Generation [1999]

Triclops!: Jewel of Oakland - Cafeteria Brutalia EP [2007]

Agent Orange: The Last Goodbye - Living in Darkness [1981]
The Vibrators: The Troops of Tomorrow - V2 [1978]
Triclops!: March Of The Half-Babies - Out Of Africa [2008]

45 Grave: Partytime - School's Out/Partytime 12" [1984]

Listen Live
87.9FM San Francisco & Los Angeles | 104.8FM Berlin


Upcoming Shows
Tuesday, July 15, 6-8pm: Agent Orange
Tuesday, July 22, 6-8pm: Negative Trend and Zeke
Tuesday, July 29, 6-8pm: Eddie and The Hot Rods and The White Barons


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