Sunday, November 30, 2008

11.25.08: Hanson Brothers, The Lewd, White Trash Debutantes and The Bar Feeders


HOLY CRAP!!! Possibly the most smokin' show of all time!!!! Sats and Bob Clic of west coast punk pioneers The Lewd payed a visit along with Ginger Coyote, Chaos and Mike of White Trash Debutantes to talk up their 11.29.08 show at Bottom of the Hill in S.F.. The Cecil B. Feeder of (you guessed it) The Bar Feeders stopped by to join me in a deep and meaningful conversation with puck rock legend Johnny Hanson of Hanson Brothers, oh yea and to hype their 11.30.08 show at Great American Music Hall in S.F.. DON'T FUGGIN' MISS IT!!!!!

Set list
DADDY-O GRANDE: Azteca a Go-Go - Daddy-O Grande in Mexico [2006]

::: into - w/Johnny Crash :::

HANSON BROTHERS: Let's Go Out Tonight - It's A Living [2008]
VERBAL ABUSE: If Speed Kills - Demos [2007]
SOCIAL UNREST: Lord's Prayer - Rat In A Maze [1982]
VKTMS: Muicide - Daflespitz 7" [1981]
THE LEWD: Magnetic Heart - American Wino [1982]

::: interview - Sats & Bob Clic of The Lewd :::

THE LEWD: American Wino-Justice/Liberty - American Wino [1982]

::: interview - Sats & Bob Clic of The Lewd :::

THE LEWD: Kill Yourself - Kill Yourself 7" [1978]
NO CRISIS: On Your Head - She's Into The Scene [1982]
AGRESSION: Money Machine - Don't Be Mistaken [1983]
DR. KNOW: Saints And Sinners - Killing For God [2008]
WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES: Disobedience - A Prom Night Gone Bad [2000]

::: interview - Ginger Coyote, Choas & Mike of White Trash Debutantes :::

WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES: Boys and Booze - It's Raw..... But You Live For It [1996]

HANSON BROTHERS: We're Brewing - Sudden death [1996]
THE BAR FEEDERS: When I'm Drunk - Vomitorium [2008]
TRICLOPS!: Freedom Tickler - Out Of Africa [2007]
THE BAR FEEDERS: Lefty - 50 Ways To Leave Your Liver [2003]

::: interview - Cecil B. Feeder of The Bar Feeders :::

HANSON BROTHERS: Blitzkrieg Hops - Gross Misconduct [1992]
JELLO BIAFRA w/NOMEANSNO: Bad - The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy [1991]
HANSON BROTHERS: Third Man In - Sudden death [1996]
HANSON BROTHERS: No More Headcheese - It's A Living [2008]

::: interview - Johnny Hanson of The Hanson Brothers (w/Cecil) :::

HANSON BROTHERS: Total Goombah! - Gross Misconduct [1992]
THE BAR FEEDERS: Fuck The Police - Live on Pirate Cat Radio, June 2 [2008]
RANGE WAR (lee ving): Cold Beer - Live at the Temple Bar Santa Monica, CA [2006]
THE BAR FEEDERS: Barf-a-Cue - Vomitorium [2008]

::: outro - w/Monkey :::

NOMEANSNO: Everyday I Start To Ooze - 0 + 2 = 1 [1991]

Upcoming Shows
12/02 @ 6-8pm: ArnoCorps & The Yes Go's! [live set]
12/09 @ 6-8pm: The Ramshackle Romeo's (feat. Mr. Lucky) [live set]
01/06 @ 6-8pm: The Dwarves & ArnoCorps


Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/18/08: Get Dead [live set]


BIG, Ol' thanks to Scooter Stalin for steppin' in to host this one in my absence. Scooter plays some kick-ass tunage from his extensive collection then Get Dead busts out a killer acoustic set LIVE from the Pirate Cat Radio cafe. DON'T MISS ONE AMAZING MINUTE OF THIS SONIC BARN BURNER!!!!!

Opiate For The Masses
Monday: 10am-12pm

Set List
THE VENTURES: Hawaii Five-O - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [2008]

THE FUCK UPS: Negative Reaction - n/a [n/a]
ANGRY SAMOANS: You Stupid Asshole - Back From Samoa [1982]
THE GRIT: Mayday - Shall We Dine [2007]
THE RESTARTS: Intelligent Design - The Outsider [2007]
THE VANDALS: Anarchy Burger - Peace Thru Vandalism [1982]
THE LINCOLNS: She's A Goddamn Liar - n/a [n/a]

PAILHEAD: I Will Refuse - No Bunny"/"I Will Refuse 7" [1988]
GET SOME: Fabric Eyes - n/a [n/a]
THE DWARVES: Lick It - Lick It [1999]
THE SEEDS: Pushin' Too Hard - The Seeds [1966]
THE BOARS: By My Side - n/a [n/a]
GRADY: Woman Got My Devil - n/a [n/a]
FLOGGING MOLLY: Black Friday Rule - Swagger [2000]
THE BAR FEEDERS: Hail, Hail The Beer's All Here - Scotto El Blotto [1998]
X: The Have Nots - Under The Big Black Sun [1982]
MOTORHEAD: Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers - Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers [1977]

GEORGE JONES: White Lighting - White Lightning 7" [1959]
THE REPLACEMENTS: Go - Stink EP [1982]
THE POGUES: Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn - Rum Sodomy and the Lash [1985]
THE RANDOMS: Y2K - n/a [n/a]
THREE STONED MEN: Too Stoned - n/a [n/a]
GOVERNMENT ISSUE: Rock n' Roll Bullshit - Legless Bullshit [1981]
WILLIE NELSON: I Gotta Get Drunk - I Gotta Get Drunk 7" [1976]

::: Live Set - GET DEAD :::
Look Mom
Here's Your Song
Cousin Marvin
Phono To Tape
Stay Back
No Chance
This Ends
The Pirate Cat Song
Leave A Message

DICKS: Shit Fool - Live At Raul's [1980]
DEAD KENNEDYS: Too Drunk To Fuck - Too Drunk To Fuck 7" [1981]
BUCK OWENS: Corn Liquor - Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms/Corn Liquor 7" [1971]

Upcoming Shows
11/25 @ 6-8pm: Hanson Brothers, The Lewd and Ginger Coyote of White Trash Debutantes
12/02 @ 6-8pm: ArnoCorps and The Yes Go's! [live set]


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 11, 2008: Mike Watt, The Phenomenauts & Horror X [live set]



A Man Alone described this one as MURDER! Yes indeed a killer, kicked things off with an interview with legendary bass player Mike Watt, Minutemen, fIREHOSE & The Stooges just to name a few. Then I was joined in the studio by Commander Nova of The Phenomenauts and Robert Lloyd of The Nightingales and we topped it all off with a set from blues rawkers Horror X.

Set List
THE VENTURES: War Of The Satellites - The Ventures in Space [1963]

THE DAMNED: Neat Neat Neat - Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson, October 30 [2008]
CIRCLE JERKS: The Slave - Demo [2008]
THE DAMNED: Diamonds - Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson, October 30 [2008]

MINUTEMEN: Cut - Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat [1983]
DESCENDENTS: It's A Hectic World - Ride The Wild/It's A Hectic World 7" [1980]
MIKE WATT AND THE SECONDMEN: This Ain't No Picnic - Bottom of the Hill June 7 [2003]
MINUTEMEN: What Is It? - 3-Way Tie (For Last) [1985]
DOS: Intense Song For Madonna - Justamente Tres [1999]
THE STOOGES: Burning Up - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, March 10 [2008]

::: Interview - Mike Watt :::

MINUTEMEN: I Feel Like A Gingo - Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat [1983]
MINUTEMEN: Corona - Double Nickels On The Dime [1989 CD mix] [1984]

MONSTERS FROM MARS: We Are The Defender - n/a [2007]
SKIP STANLEY: Satellite Baby - Satellite Baby/Play Me A Love Song 7" [1956]
THE PHENOMENAUTS: I Am Robot - Re-Entry [2004]

::: Interview - Commander Nova of The Phenomenauts and Robert Lloyd of Nightengales :::

THE NIGHTINGALES: Lesh Crap - Insult To Injury [2008]

::: Interview - Commander Nova of The Phenomenauts :::

THE PHENOMENAUTS: Galaxy Detour - Rockets And Robots [2000]
THE SHE CREATURES: Space Madness - The She Creatures [2008]

::: Live Set - Horror X :::
No More
Hound Dawg
Goin' Back To Georgia

THE VAUDEVILLES: Rock n' Roll - Demo [2008]

::: Outro - w/Commander Nova of The Phenomenauts :::

THE PHENOMENAUTS: Science and Honor - For All Mankind [2008]

Upcoming Shows
11/18 @ 6-8pm: Get Dead [live set]
11/25 @ 6-8pm: The Lewd & White Trash Debutantes
12/02 @ 6-8pm: ArnoCorps


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 04, 2008: NO SHOW

Pirate Cat Radio Election Night Special

Upcoming Shows
11/11 @ 6-8pm: Mike Watt, The Phenomenauts, Horror X [live set]
11/18 @ 6-8pm: Get Dead [live set]
11/25 @ 6-8pm: The Lewd & White Trash Debutantes
12/02 @ 6-8pm: ArnoCorps