Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/18/08: Get Dead [live set]


BIG, Ol' thanks to Scooter Stalin for steppin' in to host this one in my absence. Scooter plays some kick-ass tunage from his extensive collection then Get Dead busts out a killer acoustic set LIVE from the Pirate Cat Radio cafe. DON'T MISS ONE AMAZING MINUTE OF THIS SONIC BARN BURNER!!!!!

Opiate For The Masses
Monday: 10am-12pm

Set List
THE VENTURES: Hawaii Five-O - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [2008]

THE FUCK UPS: Negative Reaction - n/a [n/a]
ANGRY SAMOANS: You Stupid Asshole - Back From Samoa [1982]
THE GRIT: Mayday - Shall We Dine [2007]
THE RESTARTS: Intelligent Design - The Outsider [2007]
THE VANDALS: Anarchy Burger - Peace Thru Vandalism [1982]
THE LINCOLNS: She's A Goddamn Liar - n/a [n/a]

PAILHEAD: I Will Refuse - No Bunny"/"I Will Refuse 7" [1988]
GET SOME: Fabric Eyes - n/a [n/a]
THE DWARVES: Lick It - Lick It [1999]
THE SEEDS: Pushin' Too Hard - The Seeds [1966]
THE BOARS: By My Side - n/a [n/a]
GRADY: Woman Got My Devil - n/a [n/a]
FLOGGING MOLLY: Black Friday Rule - Swagger [2000]
THE BAR FEEDERS: Hail, Hail The Beer's All Here - Scotto El Blotto [1998]
X: The Have Nots - Under The Big Black Sun [1982]
MOTORHEAD: Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers - Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers [1977]

GEORGE JONES: White Lighting - White Lightning 7" [1959]
THE REPLACEMENTS: Go - Stink EP [1982]
THE POGUES: Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn - Rum Sodomy and the Lash [1985]
THE RANDOMS: Y2K - n/a [n/a]
THREE STONED MEN: Too Stoned - n/a [n/a]
GOVERNMENT ISSUE: Rock n' Roll Bullshit - Legless Bullshit [1981]
WILLIE NELSON: I Gotta Get Drunk - I Gotta Get Drunk 7" [1976]

::: Live Set - GET DEAD :::
Look Mom
Here's Your Song
Cousin Marvin
Phono To Tape
Stay Back
No Chance
This Ends
The Pirate Cat Song
Leave A Message

DICKS: Shit Fool - Live At Raul's [1980]
DEAD KENNEDYS: Too Drunk To Fuck - Too Drunk To Fuck 7" [1981]
BUCK OWENS: Corn Liquor - Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms/Corn Liquor 7" [1971]

Upcoming Shows
11/25 @ 6-8pm: Hanson Brothers, The Lewd and Ginger Coyote of White Trash Debutantes
12/02 @ 6-8pm: ArnoCorps and The Yes Go's! [live set]


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