Friday, June 27, 2008

June 23, 2008: M.D.C. Gary Floyd , John The Baker, No Red Flags, Count Dante and the BDFS


DAMN!!! The final Monday show topped 'em all as I was joined by special co-host Scooter Stalin in bringing you an all-star line-up that included interviews with Gary Floyd and The Tamale Lady [Virginia Ramos] as well as live acoustic sets from John The Baker, No Red Flags, Count Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society, and M.D.C.!!!!!

Set List
The Scouts: Mr. Custer Stomp - Jungle Exotica Vol. 2 [1999]

Mr. Gasser and The Weird-ohs: Finksville USA - Surfink! [1964]
Horror-X: Murder - demo [2008]
La Plebe: Drink - Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, Y Emoción... [2005]
Jello Biafra wth Zen Guerrilla: Speed Demon - Speed Demon/Jezebel 7" [2008]

Gary Floyd: A Better Man - World of Trouble [1994]
Butthole Surfers: Gary Floyd - Live [unknown bootleg] [n/a]
Black Kali Ma: I'm O - You Ride The Pony (I'll Be The Bunny) [2000]

::: Interview - Gary Floyd :::

The Buddha Brothers: Chances Are - Buddha Light [2008]
Dicks: Shit Fool - Live at Raul's Club [1980]

::: Interview - Gary Floyd :::

::: Live Set - John The Baker :::
She Hates My Music
Fist-Fuck The Pope

M.D.C.: Mary Jane For President - Solid EP [2008]
Embrace The Kill: Social Control [feat. Dick Lucus] - Solid EP [2008]
Instant Asshole: Instant Asshole - Straight Edge Failure [2005]
Dicks: Lifetime problems - Dicks Hate Police 7" [1980]
Sister Double Happiness: Freight Train - Live in Zurich Switzerland [1993]

::: Live Set - No Red Flags :::

::: Interview/Live Set - Count Dante and The Black Dragon Fighting Society :::
Edinburgh Castle Pussy
I Don't Care If Your Married

Cecil B. Feeder: Our Lady of Tamale [clips] - Our Lady of Tamale [2004]

::: Interview - The Tamale Lady [Virginia Ramos] :::

M.D.C.: Dead Cops/America's So Straight - Millions of Dead Cops [1982]

::: Live Set - M.D.C. Unplugged :::
Let's Kill All The Cops
Going Nowhere Faster Than You
To All My Friends
Chicken Squawk
Soup Kitchen Celebrity

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June 16, 2008: D.O.A. and Horror X


Dang, yet another killer!!!! This week we checked in with hardcore godfather Joey "Shithead" Keithly of D.O.A., as he and the rest of the band prepare to celebrate their 30th anniversary with the new Bob Rock produced album "Northern Avenger" and tour. Then I fiiiiiiiiinally got Horror X into the studio, Johnny Dee (ex Teenage Harlots) and Co. played there 1st official gig in good 'ol PCR studios. And all this was wrapped in a warm blanked of Jello as we also payed tribute to Jello Biafra's 50th. Too much entertainment you say - RIGHT, I say.

Set List
The Ventures: Hawaii Five-O - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, March 10 [2008]

The Melvins: Honey Bucket - Houdini [1993]
Los Olvidados: Pay Salvation - Not So Quiet On The Western Front [1982]
Drunk Injuns: Question Authority - My Dad Butch [cassette] [1983]
Jello Biafra: Mayorial News Report - Mayorial News Report [1979]
Dead Kennedys: Life Sentence - Bleed For Me 7" [1982]

D.O.A.: D.O.A. - Hardcore '81 [1981]
Subhumans [Canada]: Fuck You - The Subhumans EP [1997]
The Dils: Class War - 198 Seconds Of The Dils 7" [1977]
Negativeland: Guns - U2 [1991]
D.O.A.: America The Beautiful - War On 45 [1982]

::: Interview - Joey "Shithead" Keithly of D.O.A. :::

Jello Biafra with D.O.A.: That's Progress - Live At The DNA Lounge, November 20 [1990]
D.O.A.: The Prisoner - The Prisoner/Thirteen 7" [1992]
Hanson Brothers: Sudden Death - Sudden Death [1996]
Rollins Band: Jealous Again [feat. Jello Biafra] - Live at the Fillmore, July 1 [2003]
Subhumans [Canada]: Death To The Sickoids - Death To The Sickoids 7" [1979]
The No WTO Combo: Let's Lynch The Landlord - Live From The Battle In Seattle [1999]
Wesley Willis: Rock n' Roll McDonalds - Greatest Hits Volume 1 [1995]
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Deanna - Tender Prey [1988]

::: Live Set - Horror X :::
Mary Don't Weep
Old Hound Dog

La Plebe: Pinches Fronteras - Hasta La Muerte [2007]
::: Interview - La Plebe [clip] :::
La Plebe: Dirty Old Town - Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, Y Emoción... [2005]
::: Interview - M.D.C. [clip] :::
M.D.C.: I Remember - Millions of Dead Cops [1982]

::: Interview - Horror X :::

Horror X: Stayin' In On A Saturday Night - demo [2007]

Akimbo: Steal Your First Born - Harshing Your Mellow [2007]
Triclops!: Duende War - Out Of Africa [2008]
Nardwar: Nardwar vs. The Jelvins - Nardwar vs. The Jelvins [2006]
Jello Biafra with The Melvins: Kali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century (Live) - Sieg Howdy! [2005]

::: Interview - Horror X :::

Lard: Sidewinder - Pure Chewing Satisfaction [1997]

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Friday, June 13, 2008

June 9 2008: The Thrillpeddlers and Jill Tracy [live performance]


Cool off with our Summer-Spooktacular - sure to chill you to the bone! The first hour kicks right off with an interview with The Thrillpeddlers co-founder Russell Blackwood. We discussed the Thrillpeddlers latest productions "Theatre of the Ridiculous Revival" featuring Theodora-She-Bitch of Byzantium, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cockettes Reunions and Dead Channels. We were even treated to a scene from Theodora-She-Bitch of Byzantium performed live in our studio. And we didn't forget to mention their famous Creepshow Camp - enrolling now kiddies!

The during the second hour we were treated to almost a full hour of noir chanteuse Jill Tracy accompanied by Paul Mercer on violin performing live in our cafe/studio!!! She debuted many new songs from her brand new release The Bittersweet Constrain.

Set List
The Ventures: The Swingin' Creeper - The Ventures A Go-Go [1965]

::: Interview - Russell Blackwood of The Thrillpeddlers (Grand Guignol theater) :::

45 Grave: Fucked by Devil - Debasement Tapes [1993]
The Blue Hawaiians: My Favorite Martian - Live at the Lava Lounge II [2005]
Dale Hawkins: Everglades - Daredevil [1997]
The Damned: Temptation - Shadow Of Love 10" [1985]

Jill Tracy: Evil Night Together - Diabolical Streak [1999]
Elvis Presley: Adam And Evil - Spinout [1966]
The Ghastly Ones: Diabolo's Theme - A-Haunting We Will Go-Go [1998]
Gore Gore Girls: Where Evil Grows - Get The Gore [2007]

Dave Vanian And The Phantom Chords: Born To Be Wicked - unreleased [1990]
Dr. Samuel Hoffman: Theremin Solo - Perfume Set To Music [1947]
The Blobs (Bert Bacharach): The Blob Theme - The Blob [1957]
Connie Francis: Taboo - Songs To A Swingin' Band [1961]
Alien Sex Fiend: Hurricane Figher Plane - Hurricane Figher Plane 12" [1987]

::: Interview/Performance - Jill Tracy w/Paul Mercer :::

Jill Tracy: The Somnambulist Walt - The Bittersweet Constraint [2008]
Peter Murphy and Trent Reznor: Dead Souls - Radio Sessions [2007]
The Ventures: The Swingin' Creeper - The Ventures A Go-Go [1965]

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6/16: Joey "Shithead" Keithly of D.O.A. and Horror X [performing live]


June 2, 2008: The Bar Feeders, Social UnRest and Ribzy


Well, in anticipation of future events I kicked this week's festivities off with an interview I did with Cretin-Kos (founding member/vocals) of Social UnRest back in Nov. '07. I then paid tribute to a few musical pioneers who recently passed, first "The Original" Bo Diddley who passed a few hours before this broadcast them Jimmy McGriff, soul-jazz master of the Harmond who passed on May 24th. The all hell broke loose as The Bar Feeders stopped by the studio to talk about their upcoming gig at San Quentin prison - purty crazy ey - and do some a cappella tunes? Shortly after Greg Ortiz (founding member/guitar) of the pioneering San Jose punk band Ribzy called in, catch'em with Social UnRest at Thee Parkside this Friday June 6th. Whew! was that all?

Set List
Jimmy McGriff: I Got A Women p.II - I Got A Women 7" [1962]

Social Unrest: Mental Breakdown - Rat In A Maze [1982]
Ribzy: Mary Mary - 81-'85 Recordings [2006]
G.G. Allen: Out For Blood - n/a [n/a]
Jewdriver: Bagel Song [BOBfest comp] - Krauts, Yanks and Limeys! vol. II [n/a]
The Bar Feeders: Vomiting - Scotto El Blotto [1998]

Social Unrest: Making Room For Youth - Making Room For Youth 7" [1981]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p1 :::
Social Unrest: There Mistakes - Not So Quiet On The Westen Front [1982]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p2 :::
UK Decay: Sexual - Sexual/Twist In The Tail 7" [1981]
Social Unrest: Red, White and Blue - Rat In A Maze [1982]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p3 :::
Social Unrest: Lord's Prayer - Rat In A Maze [1982]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p4 :::
Social Unrest: I Love You - Rat In A Maze [1982]

::: Bo Diddley Tribute (1928-2008) :::
Bo Diddley: Hey Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1957]
Bo Diddley: Dancing Girl - Have Guitar Will Travel [1960]
Bo Diddley: Ooh Baby - Ooh Baby 7" [1967]

Jimmy McGriff: I Got A Women p.I - I Got A Women 7" [1962]
Gene Vincent: Bird Doggin' - The Complete Challenge Sessions [1966]
The Stooges: Burning Up - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2008 (Madonna Induction) [2008]
The Nutley Brass: Last Caress - Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge [2005]

The Bar Feeders: Lefty - 50 Ways To Leave Your Liver [2003]

::: Interview - The Bar Feeders :::

The Bar Feeders: Straight Outta Compton (acappella) - Live on Pirate Cat Radio [2008]
The Bar Feeders: Chinese Chicken - 50 Ways To Leave Your Liver [2003]
Thee Merry Widows: All Of Them Witches - Revenge Served Cold [2007]

::: Interview - Ribzy (Greg Ortiz) p4 :::

Ribzy: Quicksand (recorded '04) - '81-'85 Recordings [2006]
Ribzy: Cyanide Pill - '81-'85 Recordings [2006]

::: Interview - The Bar Feeders :::

The Bar Feeders: Goodbye Ladies (acappella) - Live on Pirate Cat Radio [2008]

Peter Murphy and Trent Reznor: Warsaw - Radio Sessions [2007]
Peter Murphy: Indigo Eyes (acoustic) - Live At The House of Blues in L.A. [2000]

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6/9: Jill Tracy [live Set]
6/16: Joey "Shithead" Keithly of D.O.A.