Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 10, 2007: MDC and Instant Asshole


This show features an in studio appearance by hardcore pioneers MDC (Dave Dictor, Ron Posner [x-con Ron], Al Schvitz and Mike)! They discuss their current tour, song writing, playing unplugged and have loads of cools stories about living at the Vats in San Francisco. Tour mate John the Baker of Instant Asshole also joined in with tales of Burnt Ramen Studios in Richmond, CA and fighting the system in upstate New York.

Set List

Sorry 'bout that it's basically a bunch of hardcore tunage from MDC, Verbal Abuse/Sick Pleasure, Instant Asshole, John the Baker and the Malnurised, Oppressed Logic, D.R.I., Dicks and O so mush more.

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John Hell will sub with his show "A Season In Hell"


Monday, September 10, 2007

September 3, 2007: Dick of Subhumans/Citizen Fish and Jello Biafra


This show features my interview with Dick Lucas of Subhumans/Citizen Fish and a little chat with Jello. The interview with Dick was tapped at Slim's in SF shortly before the Subhumans set, during the end Jello popped in to wish Dick a good show and joined in on some of the banter. The show features new music from both Subhumans and Citizen Fish as well as some classic tracks.

Subhumans: No
Live In A Dive [2004]

Citizen Fish: Conditional Silence
Wider Than A Postcard [1991]
::: Interview: Dick p3 - Citizen Fish: :::

Citizen Fish: Clear Channel [Fuck Off!] (Leftover Crack)
Deadline [2007]
Leftöver Crack: Supermarket Song (Citizen Fish)
Deadline [2007]

::: Interview: Jello Biafra p.1 :::
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Deanna
Tender Prey [1988]
Rollins Band: Jealous Again w/Jello Biafra
West Memphis Three Benefit: Live at the Fillmore July 1 [2003]
::: Interview: Jello Biafra p.2 :::
Leftöver Crack: Baby-Punchers
Deadline [2007]
::: Interview: Jello Biafra p.3 :::
Jello Biafra: Message (w/Keith LeBlance)
Terminal City Ricochet [1989]

Crass: System/Big Man, Big M.A.N.
Stations of the Crass [1995]
Rudimentary Peni: Inside
Death Church [1983]
Sleeping Dogs: Suzy's Song
Beware 7" [1982]
Flux of Pink Indians: Progress
Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible [1983]
Poison Girls: Persons Unknown
Crass/Poison Girls 7" Split - Bloody Revolutions/Persons Unknown [1980]

Subhumans: Parasites
Demolistion War 7" [1981]
::: Interview: Dick p1 - New/Protest :::
Subhumans: Nothing I Can Do
The Day The Country Died [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p2 - New :::
Subhumans: Fractured
Internal Riot [2007]
Subhumans: Reason For Existence
Reason for Existence 7" [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p5 - Flux :::
Subhumans: So Much Money
Evolution 7" [1983]
Subhumans: Mickey Mouse Is Dead
The Day The Country Died [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p4 - The Day The Country Died :::
Subhumans: Subvert City
The Day The Country Died [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p6 - Jello/Outro :::
Subhumans: Word Factory/People Are Scared/Word Factory
Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash [1983]

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In Studio w/MDC and John the Baker of Instant Asshole