Monday, September 10, 2007

September 3, 2007: Dick of Subhumans/Citizen Fish and Jello Biafra


This show features my interview with Dick Lucas of Subhumans/Citizen Fish and a little chat with Jello. The interview with Dick was tapped at Slim's in SF shortly before the Subhumans set, during the end Jello popped in to wish Dick a good show and joined in on some of the banter. The show features new music from both Subhumans and Citizen Fish as well as some classic tracks.

Subhumans: No
Live In A Dive [2004]

Citizen Fish: Conditional Silence
Wider Than A Postcard [1991]
::: Interview: Dick p3 - Citizen Fish: :::

Citizen Fish: Clear Channel [Fuck Off!] (Leftover Crack)
Deadline [2007]
Leftöver Crack: Supermarket Song (Citizen Fish)
Deadline [2007]

::: Interview: Jello Biafra p.1 :::
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Deanna
Tender Prey [1988]
Rollins Band: Jealous Again w/Jello Biafra
West Memphis Three Benefit: Live at the Fillmore July 1 [2003]
::: Interview: Jello Biafra p.2 :::
Leftöver Crack: Baby-Punchers
Deadline [2007]
::: Interview: Jello Biafra p.3 :::
Jello Biafra: Message (w/Keith LeBlance)
Terminal City Ricochet [1989]

Crass: System/Big Man, Big M.A.N.
Stations of the Crass [1995]
Rudimentary Peni: Inside
Death Church [1983]
Sleeping Dogs: Suzy's Song
Beware 7" [1982]
Flux of Pink Indians: Progress
Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible [1983]
Poison Girls: Persons Unknown
Crass/Poison Girls 7" Split - Bloody Revolutions/Persons Unknown [1980]

Subhumans: Parasites
Demolistion War 7" [1981]
::: Interview: Dick p1 - New/Protest :::
Subhumans: Nothing I Can Do
The Day The Country Died [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p2 - New :::
Subhumans: Fractured
Internal Riot [2007]
Subhumans: Reason For Existence
Reason for Existence 7" [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p5 - Flux :::
Subhumans: So Much Money
Evolution 7" [1983]
Subhumans: Mickey Mouse Is Dead
The Day The Country Died [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p4 - The Day The Country Died :::
Subhumans: Subvert City
The Day The Country Died [1982]
::: Interview: Dick p6 - Jello/Outro :::
Subhumans: Word Factory/People Are Scared/Word Factory
Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash [1983]

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