Friday, June 27, 2008

June 23, 2008: M.D.C. Gary Floyd , John The Baker, No Red Flags, Count Dante and the BDFS


DAMN!!! The final Monday show topped 'em all as I was joined by special co-host Scooter Stalin in bringing you an all-star line-up that included interviews with Gary Floyd and The Tamale Lady [Virginia Ramos] as well as live acoustic sets from John The Baker, No Red Flags, Count Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society, and M.D.C.!!!!!

Set List
The Scouts: Mr. Custer Stomp - Jungle Exotica Vol. 2 [1999]

Mr. Gasser and The Weird-ohs: Finksville USA - Surfink! [1964]
Horror-X: Murder - demo [2008]
La Plebe: Drink - Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, Y EmociĆ³n... [2005]
Jello Biafra wth Zen Guerrilla: Speed Demon - Speed Demon/Jezebel 7" [2008]

Gary Floyd: A Better Man - World of Trouble [1994]
Butthole Surfers: Gary Floyd - Live [unknown bootleg] [n/a]
Black Kali Ma: I'm O - You Ride The Pony (I'll Be The Bunny) [2000]

::: Interview - Gary Floyd :::

The Buddha Brothers: Chances Are - Buddha Light [2008]
Dicks: Shit Fool - Live at Raul's Club [1980]

::: Interview - Gary Floyd :::

::: Live Set - John The Baker :::
She Hates My Music
Fist-Fuck The Pope

M.D.C.: Mary Jane For President - Solid EP [2008]
Embrace The Kill: Social Control [feat. Dick Lucus] - Solid EP [2008]
Instant Asshole: Instant Asshole - Straight Edge Failure [2005]
Dicks: Lifetime problems - Dicks Hate Police 7" [1980]
Sister Double Happiness: Freight Train - Live in Zurich Switzerland [1993]

::: Live Set - No Red Flags :::

::: Interview/Live Set - Count Dante and The Black Dragon Fighting Society :::
Edinburgh Castle Pussy
I Don't Care If Your Married

Cecil B. Feeder: Our Lady of Tamale [clips] - Our Lady of Tamale [2004]

::: Interview - The Tamale Lady [Virginia Ramos] :::

M.D.C.: Dead Cops/America's So Straight - Millions of Dead Cops [1982]

::: Live Set - M.D.C. Unplugged :::
Let's Kill All The Cops
Going Nowhere Faster Than You
To All My Friends
Chicken Squawk
Soup Kitchen Celebrity

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