Monday, July 21, 2008

July 15, 2008 - Point Break Live! and Project: Pimento


HOLY She-I-IT KID!!! 2hrs. of PURE ADRENALINE with the cast of Point Break Live! the extreme theater sensation sweeping the nation. We ran a few scenes with yours truely in the role of Special Agent Johnny Utah, a privilege usually reserved for a happy-go-luck audience member - attend a performance and live the dream. Later theremin lounge act Project Pimento mesmerized us with magical moods of the Theremin (and vocals, guitar, bass and drums) - check'em live at Club Delux and/or The Park Chalet soon. All this and some killer SoCal surf classics just a click (or 2) away!!!!

Set List
Agent Orange: Pipeline - Bitchin' Summer EP [1982]
Agent Orange: Bloodstains - Rodney On The ROQ [1980]
Adolescents: Welcome To Reality - Welcome To Reality 7" [1981]
The Crowd: Modern Machine - Beach Blvd. [1979]
Secret Hate: Midas Touch - Vegetables Dancing [1983]
The Vandals: Pirate's Life - Peace Thru Vandalism [1982]
Agent Orange: Breakdown (live) - Greatest and The Latest [2000]
Agent Orange: Miserlou - Living in Darkness [1981]
Dick Dale: Interview (clip) - The Wedge - Neat Neat Noise [2007]
Dick Dale: The Wedge Paradiso - Calling Up Spirits [1996]
Dick Dale: Interview (clip) - Miserlou Origins - Neat Neat Noise [2007]
Dick Dale: Miserlou Twist - Surfer's Choice [1962]
::: Interview/Performance - cast of Point Break Live! :::
Chris (Grommet)
James (FBI Agent Angelo Pappas)
Jamie ("Cutecard" Girl/PA/Stunt Double/Fire Breather)
Lee (FBI Agent Ben Harp)
Me (FBI Special Agent Johnny Utah)
Paul (Rouch)
Tim (Bodhi)

scenes performed:
"Welcome To Bank Robbery Kid"
"The Ex-Presidents Are Surfers/Let's Get'em"
"Bromance With Bodhi: Campfire Panic"
No Crisis: Change Your Name - She's Into The Scene [1982]
CH3: Interview (clip) - Mike Magrann On The New CH3 DVD - Neat Neat Noise [2007]
CH3: One More For All My True Friends - One More For All My True Friends [DVD] [2008]
Surf Punks: My Beach - Urgh!: A Music War [1981]
Elvis Presley: Girls! Girls! Girls! - Girls! Girls! Girls! [1962]
The She-Creature: Theremin Interlude - The She-Creature [1956]
John Barry: The Man With The Golden Gun (feat. Lulu) - The Man With The Golden Gun [1974]
Monty Norman: Twisting With James - Dr. NO [1963]
Monty Norman: Jamaican Rock - Dr. NO [1963]
Monty Norman: Dr. No's Theme - Dr. NO [1963]
John Barry: Thunderball (feat. Tom Jones) - Thunderball [1965]
::: Performance - Project Pimento :::
You Only Live Twice
Star Trek
Whiskey Biscuit: A Shot In The Dark - Shots In The Dark [1996]

Listen Live
87.9FM San Francisco & Los Angeles | 104.8FM Berlin


Upcoming Shows
Tuesday, July 22, 6-8pm: Negative Trend and Zeke
Tuesday, July 29, 6-8pm: Eddie and The Hot Rods, The White Barons and Pink Miami [live set]
Tuesday, August 5, 6-8pm: ArnoCorps, TurboNegrA [live set], Count Dante and Shattered Faith
Tuesday, August 26, 6-8pm: The Corruptors [live set]


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