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October 8, 2007: Avengers and The Ventures

I was joined in studio by Penelope Houston of the Avengers. She stopped by to discuss the Avengers upcoming U.S. tour and play some rare Avengers tracks from past and present. I also played my interview with Nokie Edwards, the innovative on-again-off-again lead guitarist of The Ventures. Nokie discusses the Ventures early years and developing guitar techniques that would heavily influence '60's psychedelic and garage, like releasing the 1st charting single to use a Fuzzbox (Mosrite FuzzRITE).

The Ventures: Green Onions
The Ventures Play Telstar [1963]
Avengers: American In Me
Live In 1978 [1978]

Leftover Crack: Rock The 40 oz.
Fuck World Trade [2004]
Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster: Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster Trailer
Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster [1968]
Disney: Energy (You Make the World Go 'Round) (Universe of Energy)
The Official Album of the Walt Disney Resort [2005]
Adryan Russ: Save The Earth (nightclub version)
Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster [1968]
The Ventures: Journey To The Stars
Live in Japan '65 [1995]
Husker Du: Books About UFOs
New Day Rising [1985]
The Green Slime Trailer: The Green Slime Trailer
The Green Slime [1968]
Richard Delvy: The Green Slime Theme
The Green Slime [1968]

The Mutants: Insect Lounge
Mutnts EP [1978]
The Screamers: Vertigo
Demos 1978 [1978]
Controllers: Electric Church
Tooth and Nail [1979]
The Weirdos: Life of Crime
Destroy all music 7" [1977]

::: Interview: Penelope Houston - part 1 :::
Penelope Houston and Bill Joe Armstrong: The Angel and The Jerk
untitled [1995]
Avengers: We Are The One
We Are The One 7" [1977]
Avengers: I Believe In Me
Died For Your Sins [1999]
::: Interview: Penelope Houston - part 2 :::
Avengers: Uh-Oh
The American In Me [2004]
The Contractions: Rules and Regulation
Rules and Regulation/You Touched Me 7" [1980]
::: Interview: Penelope Houston - part 3 :::
Avengers: Paint It Black/American In Me
Live in Stuttgart, Germany February 03 [2007]

The Ventures: Walk-Don't Run
Walk-Don't Run/No Trespassing 7" [1960]
The Ventures: The Ventures' Twist Party, Vol. 2
radio spot [1962]
::: Interview: Nokie Edwards - part 1 :::
The Ventures: No Trespassing
Walk-Don't Run/No Trespassing 7" [1962]
::: Interview: Nokie Edwards - part 2 :::
The Ventures: Bulldog
Live in Japan '65 [1995]
The Ventures: Don Wilson and Bob Bogle Interview clip
Rocketing Rhythms Radio Show [1961]
The Ventures: The [2000 Pound Bee (Parts 1 & 2)
The [2000 Pound Bee 7" [1962]
::: Interview: Nokie Edwards - part 3 :::
The Ventures: One Step Beyond (Fear)/The Twilight Zone
The Ventures In Space [1963]
The Ventures: Hawaii Five-O Promo
radio spot [1969]
The Ventures: The Swingin´Creeper
The Ventures A Go-Go [1965]
::: Interview: Nokie Edwards - part 4 :::
The Ventures: The Cruel Sea (The Cruel Surf)
Live in Japan '65 [1995]
::: Interview: Nokie Edwards - part 5 :::
The Ventures: The Bat
The Ventures in Space [1963]
::: Interview: Nokie Edwards - part 6 :::

Turbonegro: Do You Do You Dig Destruction
Retox [2007]

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