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October 22, 2007: T.S.O.L. and The Demonics


This week features a T.S.O.L. "showcase", I was going to interview the band at Slim's in SF but arrived too late (9:30!). We talked but I didn't record an interview, so I just used a bunch of old interview clips, you'll never know the difference I swear. Later I was joined in studio by Amy and Russ of the Demonics. We discussed there upcoming annual pre-Soapbox Derby Race show at the El Rio (Sat. Oct. 27th) and we played a bunch of cool rare spooky/racing records that Russ brought in from his collection. And last but not least Gary Floyd called-in to give us a heads up on his upcoming Buddha Brothers gig, Fri. Oct 26th at Cafe du Nord.

Set List
The Ghastly Ones: A-Haunting We Will Go Go
A-Haunting We Will Go-Go [1998]

Jack Marshall: The Munsters Theme
At Home With The Munsters [1965]
Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Hear Voices
I Hear Voices/Just Don't Care 7" [1962]
Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs: The Phantom
Lil' Red Riding Hood [1966]
The Sonics: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Boom [1966]

T.S.O.L.: Sounds Of Laughter
Dance With Me [1981]
::: Interview "Posh Boy vs. Frontier" Press Conference at The Vault in Long Beach 2006 :::
T.S.O.L.: Other Side
Beneath The Shadows [1982]
::: Interview "Weathered Statues and New Stuff" by n/a 1982 :::
T.S.O.L.: Weathered Statues
Live at Chain Reaction [2001]
T.S.O.L.: She'll Be Saying
Beneath The Shadows [1982]
::: Interview "Surfrider Foundation" Interview by Eric Blair 2004 :::
T.S.O.L.: I'm Tired Of Life
Dance With Me [1981]

T.S.O.L.: Abolish Government/Silent Majority
T.S.O.L. EP [1981]
::: Interview "Code Blue and Minnesota Law" by Neil Hamburger 2003 :::
T.S.O.L.: Code Blue (w/gunshot)
Live at House Of Blues in Hollywood, CA, November 23 [2002]
::: Interview "House Of Blues shooting" by Neil Hamburger 2003 :::
T.S.O.L.: Die For Me
Dance With Me [1981]
::: Interview "I Don't Care" by Eric Blair 2004 :::
T.S.O.L.: Darker My Love
Live In Studio [2005]
T.S.O.L.: Serious
Live on FOX [2003]
::: Interview "All The Money" Press Conference at The Vault in Long Beach 2006 :::
T.S.O.L.: Property Is Theft
Live at Chain Reaction [2001]
::: Interview "What Up With TSOL Now" by Eric Blair 2004 :::
T.S.O.L.: Politics (The Damned)
Live In Studio [2005]

The Demonics: Say Ten
Hot Rod Pussy [2007]

::: Interview with The Demonics :::

The Rip Chords: 3 Window Coup
3 Window Coup [1964]
The Silly Surfers: Gremmie Out Of Control
The Sounds of The Silly Surfers [1964]
Satan's Sadists: Satan (theme)
The Wild Sounds of Satan's Sadists [1969]
DMZ: When I Get Off
DMZ EP [1977]
Satan's Sadists: Born Bad
The Wild Sounds of Satan's Sadists [1969]

::: Interview with The Demonics :::

Screamin' Lord Sutch: Jack the Ripper/Monster Rock
Monster Rock [2000]
The Demonics: Super Bee
Super Bee 7" [1994]
Jean Simmons: Haunted House
Elvira's Vinyl Macabre [1983]

::: Interview with Gary Floyd :::

Gary Floyd and The Buddha Brothers: Chances Again
unreleased [2007]

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