Friday, October 12, 2007

October 1, 2007: Tunage Only

My big return after a 2wk hiatus. Nicki Sicki of Sick Pleasure and Verbal Abuse was scheduled to come, but unfortunately never made it, so I forged forth with bitch'in tunes in hand. Later Liza from Hammerlock called-in to promote their upcoming shows on October 6th (John Patricks in Alameda, CA) and 7th (Thee Parkside in San Francisco FREE!).

Set List:
Lalo Schifain: Enter The Dragon
Enter The Dragon [1973]

Bad Brains: Build A Nation
Build A Nation [2007]
Jan and Dean: Surf City (instrumental)
All The Hits, cd2 [1996]
Black President: Who Do You Trust
Black President [2007]
Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs: Pharaoh Au Go-Go
Lil' Red Riding Hood [1966]
Bob Log III: Pig Tail Swing
School Bus [1998]

Circle One: God Bless America
Are You Afraid [n/a]
Body Count: Body Count's In The House
Cop Killer [1992]
Iggy Pop: Eat or Be Eaten
Zombie Birdhouse [1982]
Detroit Cobras: Shout Bama Lama
Love, Life and Leaving [2001]

Agression: Intense Energy
Don't Be Mistaken [1983]
Suicidal Tendencies: Memories of Tomorrow
Suicidal Tendencies [1983]
Savage: Space Express
GS I love you too [1966]
Jerry's Kids: Uncontrolable
This Is Boston Not L.A. [1982]
The Lewd: Beyond Moderation
American Wino [1982]
Dick Dale: Night Owl
Surfer´s Choice [1962]

Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps: Wild Cat
Wild Cat/Right Here On Earth 7" [1959]
Lee Dresser and The Krazy Kats: Beat Out My Love
Beat Out My Love / Thinkin' 'Bout Your Love 7" [1960]
The Shadows of Knight: Oh Yeah
OH Yeah/Light Bulb Blues 7" [1966]
Iron Maiden: Wrathchild
Killers [1981]
Elvis Presley: Mystrery Train/Tiger Man
In Person at the International Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada [1970]

Sick Pleasure: Three Seconds of Pleasure
Code of Honor/Sick Pleasure 7" (split) [1982]
Stalag 13: Conditioned
In Control [1984]
J.F.A.: Cokes and Snickers
Blatant Localism [1981]
The Freeze: Time Bomb
This Is Boston Not L.A. [1982]

::: Interview - Hammerlock (Liza called in to promote 10/6 & 7 shows) :::
Hammerlock: Hate Radio
True Grit: The First Five Years [2007]
Hammerlock: One Big Mess
Forgotten Range [2007]
Hammerlock: Musta Been Drunk
True Grit: The First Five Years [2007]

Code Of Honor: What Price Would You Pay?
What Are We Gonna Do 7" [1982]
Teen Idles: Deadhead
Minor Disturbance [1980]
The Animals: Inside - Looking Out
Animalization [1966]
The Melvins: Pearl Bomb
Houdini [1993]
Ill Repute: Fill It Up
What Happens Next [1984]
Verbal Abuse: Pure Hate
N/A [N/A]

Ramones: I Just Wanna Have Something To Do Tonight
Loco Live [1991]

Next Week
Penelope Houston of the Avengers will stop by to talk about the Avergers upcoming US tour.


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