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July 30, 2007 - Sistas In The Pit

July 30, 2007 - Sistas In The Pit
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I played some 2007 releases from old school bands and a set featuring bands that will be playing in the SF Bay Area in the coming weeks. Then I was joined in the studio by Anita "Pa" Lofton and Ieela Grant of Sistas In The Pit. These girls were so fun and full of postive energy it was easy to see why there band is enjoying so much success. They talked about their beginings, recording the new record and of course opening for Iggy and The Stooges. Catch'em Friday August 3, 2007 at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco.


Set List
The Meatmen: Mission Impossible
n/a [n/a]
Reverend Organdrum: Time Is Tight
Reverend Organdrum [2007]

Propagandhi: Hard Times
Live From Occupied Territory (DVD) [2007]
Circle Jerks: I'm Gonna Live [2007]
Danzig: Pain Is Like An Animal
The Lost Tracks of Danzig [2007]
Bad Brains: Build A Nation
Build A Nation [2007]

Sick Pleasure: Speed Rules
Sick Pleasure 7" [n/a]
Code Of Honor: What Price Would You Pay?
What Are We Gonna Do 7" [1982]
Verbal Abuse: If Speed Kills You're ...
Taking Back What's Mine [n/a]
Adolescents: Word Attack
Adolescents [1981]
Reagan Youth: I Hate Hate
Volume 1 [1984]
Subhumans: No
The Day The Country Died [1982]

The Raindrops: Hanky Panky
Born Bad vol. 5 [1991]
Elvis Presley: She's A Machine
Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star and Others [1968]
J.F.A.: Low Rider
Eastern Front vol. II [1982]
Blast of Girls: Blast of Girls (trailer)
Blast of Girls [n/a]
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs: Shotgun
Wooly Bully [1965]

Grinderman: Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)
Grinderman [2007]
Knights Of The New Crusade: E is for Evil
My God Is Alive Sorry About Yours [2005]
André Previn: Cocktail Party
Rollerball [1975]
The Carnabeats: Chu! Chu! Chu!
GS I Love You Too [1968]
Buddy Holly: Reminiscing
Reminiscing 7" [1962]

::: interview w/Sistas In The Pit :::

Dirtbombs: Chains of Love
Ultraglide In Black [2000]
Ike & Tina Turner: Poor Fool
Nutbush City Limits [1973]
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels: I'd Rather Go To Jail
Sock It To Me [1967]

::: interview w/Sistas In The Pit :::

Sistas In The Pit: Scream
The Missing Piece [2005]

::: interview w/Sistas In The Pit :::

Sistas In The Pit: Black Girl
The Missing Piece [2005]
The Minutemen: Corona
Double Nickles on the Dime [1984]
Zen Guerrilla: What I Got
Trance State In Tounges [1999]

::: interview w/Sistas In The Pit :::

Sistas In The Pit: Liar
The Missing Piece [2005]

Joe Jackson: Got The Time
Look Sharp! [1979]


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