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July 23, 2007 - ANTiSEEN and Hammerlock

July 23, 2007 - ANTiSEEN and Hammerlock

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This week it's all about southern-fried-country-punk n' roll and features an interview with ANTiSEEN front man Jeff Clayton, an in-studio appearence by Hammerlock and, as always, a heaping helping of kickass tuneage - YEE HAW Y'ALL!!!

Nine Pound Hammer: Shotgun In A Chevy
Hayseed Timebomb [1994]

Hank Williams III: A Little Bit of Smoke
Live At The Turf Club, St. Paul, MN, March 23 [2002]
Johnny Cash: General Lee
Dukes of Hazzard [1981]
I. Taylor W. Lava: F-Troop
F-Troop [1965]
Fear: Fuck You Let's Rodeo
Have Another Beer With Fear [1995]
Range War (Lee Ving of Fear): Cold Beer
Live at the Temple Bar Santa Monica, CA [2006]
Rollins Band: No Values (Hank III w/Keith Morris Intro)
Rise Above 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three [2002]
Hammerlock: Living On Retreads
Forgotten Range [2007]

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes: East Bound And Down
Love Their Country [2006]
Smokey and the Bandit: Trailer
Smokey and the Bandit [1977]
Jerry Reed: Texas Bound And Flyin'
Smokey and the Bandit [1977]

::: Interview Jeff Clayton pt.1 - Orgins of ANTiSEEN :::
ANTiSEEN: Trapped In Dixie
Eat More Possum [1993]
::: Interview Jeff Clayton pt. 2: The ANTiSEEN Book :::
ANTiSEEN: Ugly American
Here To Ruin Your Groove [1996]
::: Interview Jeff Clayton pt.3: ANTiSEEN Releases :::
Hank Williams III: Ruby Get Back To The Hills
Hank III/Antiseen (split) 7" [2006]
::: Interview Jeff Clayton pt.4 - Hank III and Unknown Hinson :::
Unknown Hinson: Silver Platter
Rock n' Roll Straight From Hell [2002]
::: Interview Jeff Clayton pt.5 - New Release and Tribute Album :::
Boys From Brutalsville [2001]

::: Interview with Hammerlock :::

Hammerlock: Wrong Side Of Town
Forgotten Range [2007]
The Hitch: Prince of the Sawmill
Prince of the Sawmill 7" [n/a]

::: Interview with Hammerlock :::

Hammerlock: BP Psycho Compound
Forgotten Range [2007]
Hammerlock: Whiskey Drinkin' Woman
American Asshole [1998] *re-issued on True Grit: The First Five
ANTiSEEN: Pledge Allegiance To The Bomb
Badwill Ambassadors [2004]

::: Interview with Hammerlock :::

Unknown Hinson: Love On Command
Rock n' Roll Straight From Hell [2002]
Dave Allen Cole: Count On Beer
Take This Job And Shove It [1981]
Hank Williams III: Thrown Out of Every Bar
Live at Bluebird Theater, Denver CO, February 17 [2005]
Range War (Lee Ving of Fear): The Ride
Live at the Temple Bar Santa Monica, CA [2006]


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