Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 13, 2007 - Reagan Youth, Adolescents and Frank Chu

This week I played my interviews with Paul Cripple and Pat Distraction of Reagan Youth and Tony Cadena and Steve Soto of Adolescents. I played a set of NYC hardcore and an all Reagan themed set prior to the Reagan Youth interview. Then was joined in the studio by Frank Chu after the Adolescents interview. He spoke about his street protests against US Presidents, corporations, and a distinctive concept he calls the '12 Galaxies'.

Set List
Distraction: Look Mom No Brain
In Memory of ... [2005]

Sick of it All: The Future Is Mine
Call To Arms [1999]
Cro-Mags: Street Justice
Age Of Quarrel [1986]
Agnostic Front: No One Rules
United Blood [1983]
KRAUT: Bogus
An Adjustment To Society [1982]

Wasted Youth: Reagan's In
Reagan's In [1981]
D.R.I.: Reaganomics
Dealing With It [1987]
Shattered Faith: Reagan Country
Shattered Faith 7" [1981]
Suicidal Tendencies: I Shot The Devil
Suicidal Tendencies [1983]
D.I.: Reagan Der Fuhrer
D.I. [1982]
Adolescents: The Liar
The Complete Demos 1980-1986 [2006]
LAX: Ronnie's Song
Ronnie's Song 7" [1981]

Reagan Youth: I Hate Hate
Youth Anthems for the New Order [1984]
::: Interview w/Reagan Youth - Part 1: Paul Cripple :::
Reagan Youth: Anytown
Youth Anthems for the New Order [1984]
::: Interview w/Reagan Youth - Part 2: Paul Cripple :::
Reagan Youth: One Holy Bible
Volume II [1990]
::: Interview w/Reagan Youth - Part 3: Pat Distraction :::
Reagan Youth: In Dog We Trust
Live and Rare [1999]

Adolescents: No Way
Adolescents [1981]
::: Interview w/Adolescents Part 1: Orgins/The Black Hole :::
Adolescents: Kids Of The Black Hole
Adolescents [1981]
::: Interview w/Adolescents Part 2: Recording The Blue Album :::
Adolescents: No Friends
Adolescents [1981]
::: Interview w/Adolescents Part 4: Who Wrote Amoeba? :::
Adolescents: Ameoba
The Complete Demos 1980-1986 [2006]
::: Interview w/Adolescents Part 5: Writting Richard Hung Himself :::
Adolescents: Richard Hung Himself
The Complete Demos 1980-1986 [2006]
::: Interview w/Adolescents Part 6: OC Confidential :::
Adolescents: Monstato Hayride
O.C. Confidential [2005]
::: Interview w/Adolescents Part 7: Complete Demos :::
Adolescents: Creatures
The Complete Demos 1980-1986 [2006]

::: Interview w/Frank Chu - Part 1 :::
Elvis Presley: Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)
Double Trouble [1967]
::: Interview w/Frank Chu - Part 2 :::
The Ventures: She's Not There
Knock Me Out! [1965]

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Next Week:
It's A Tiki extravaganza I'll be reporting on my trip to Tiki Oasis 2007 and joined in studio with Martin Cate, Owner/Manager of Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, Alameda, CA.
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