Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 28, 2008: The Damned, Thrillpeddlers, Thee Merry Widows & Kitten On The Keys



DANG!!! Yet another classic featuring an all star line-up. First we spoke with Jonathan Horton of the SF Grand Guignol theater company the Thrillpeddlers about their 9th annual Shocktoberfest performances. Then we caught up with Miss Eva from Thee Merry Widows/The White Barons we discussed Thee Widow's recent European tour and their upcoming (11/1) gig at Benders (SF) for the 14th annual Soap Box derby pre-party. Kitten On The Keys entertained us with stories of the tials and tribulations of living in the city, her last tour with The Damned and filming a steamy - or gassy rather - scene with Grease Daddy Thunder. It all culminated during the grand finally when Monty and Stu West of The Damned dropped by, just prior to hittin' the stage at Slim's, to discuss The Damned's lasted release "So, Who's Paranoid" and other goings on with The Damned. All Action All The Time - DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!

Set List
THE RYTHME ROCKERS: Madness Oh! Oh! - Honey/Madness 7" [1960]

THE DAMNED: Ignite (live) - Molten Lager [1995]
SCREAMNING LORD SUTCH AND THE SAVAGES: Dracula's Daughter - Dracula's Daughter 7" [1964]
JACK MALMSTEN: Satan Takes A Holiday - Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 3: Space Capades [1996]
THE PHANTOM JETS: Swingin' Zombie Heads - Phantom Jet Set [2008]

::: Interview - Jonathan Horton of The Thrillpeddlers :::

MC5/DKT [w/Dave Vanian]: Looking At You - Sonic Revolution: Live At The 100 Club [2004]
THE BAGS: Survive - Survive / Babylonian Gorgon 7" [1978]
THE DAMNED: It's A Real Time Thing - Short Music For Short People [1999]
THEE MERRY WIDOWS: All Of Them Witches - Revenge Served Cold [2006]

::: Interview - Miss Eva of Thee Merry Widows feat. Thunder :::

THE WHITE BARONS: Mercy,Mercy - Up All Night With The White Barons [2007]
T.S.O.L.: Politics - demo [2005]
JOHNNY MOPED: Incendiary Device - Incendiary Device / No One 7" [1977]
THE DAMNED: Thrill Kill - Grave Disorder [2001]
THE DAMNED: Citadel - Friday The 13th EP [1981]

::: Interview - Kitten On The Keys feat. Thunder :::

THE DAMNED: Little Miss Disaster - So, Who's Paranoid [2008]
THE DAMNED: Thanks For The Night - Thanks For The Night 12" [1984]

::: Interview - Monty and Stu West of The Damned :::

THE DAMNED: Democracy? - Live on Fox Rox [2004]
ADOLESCENTS: Welcome To Reality - Welcome To Reality 7" [1981]
ADOLESCENTS: O.C. Confidential - Live at House of Blues [2003]

THE DAMNED: Noise, Noise, Noise - The Radio One Sessions [1996]

Upcoming Shows
11/04 @ 6-8pm: NO SHOW - Pirate Cat Radio Election Night Special [live set]
11/11 @ 6-8pm: The Phenomenauts and Horror X (Johnny Dee) [live set]
11/18 @ 6-8pm: Thee Merry Widows [live set]


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