Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 21, 2008: Thrillpeddlers and Jill Tracy [live] - re-run


One of the finest shows EVER available again just in time for Halloween!!! Check out this awesome original description:

Cool off with our Summer-Spooktacular - sure to chill you to the bone! The first hour kicks right off with an interview with The Thrillpeddlers co-founder Russell Blackwood. We discussed the Thrillpeddlers latest productions "Theatre of the Ridiculous Revival" featuring Theodora-She-Bitch of Byzantium, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cockettes Reunions and Dead Channels. We were even treated to a scene from Theodora-She-Bitch of Byzantium performed live in our studio. And we didn't forget to mention their famous Creepshow Camp - enrolling now kiddies!

The during the second hour we were treated to almost a full hour of noir chanteuse Jill Tracy accompanied by Paul Mercer on violin performing live in our cafe/studio!!! She debuted many new songs from her brand new release The Bittersweet Constrain.

Set List
THE VENTURES: The Swingin' Creeper - The Ventures A Go-Go [1965]

::: Interview - Russell Blackwood of The Thrillpeddlers (Grand Guignol theater) :::

45 GRAVE: Fucked by Devil - Debasement Tapes [1993]
THE BLUE HAWAIIANS: My Favorite Martian - Live at the Lava Lounge II [2005]
DALE HAWKINS: Everglades - Daredevil [1997]
THE DAMNED: Temptation - Shadow Of Love 10" [1985]

JILL TRACY: Evil Night Together - Diabolical Streak [1999]
ELVIS PRESLEY: Adam And Evil - Spinout [1966]
THE GHASTLY ONES: Diabolo's Theme - A-Haunting We Will Go-Go [1998]
GORE GORE GIRLS: Where Evil Grows - Get The Gore [2007]

DAVE VANIAN AND THE PHANTOM CHORDS: Born To Be Wicked - unreleased [1990]
DR. SAMUEL HOFFMAN: Theremin Solo - Perfume Set To Music [1947]
THE BLOBS (Bert Bacharach): The Blob Theme - The Blob [1957]
CONNIE FRANCIS: Taboo - Songs To A Swingin' Band [1961]
ALIEN SEX FIEND: Hurricane Figher Plane - Hurricane Figher Plane 12" [1987]

::: Live Set - Jill Tracy w/Paul Mercer :::
song 1
song 2
Room 19
song 4

JILL TRACY The Somnambulist Walt - The Bittersweet Constraint [2008]
PETER MURPHY AND TRENT REZNOR: Dead Souls - Radio Sessions [2007]
THE VENTURES: The Swingin' Creeper - The Ventures A Go-Go [1965]

Upcoming Shows
10/28: The Damned and Kitten On The Keys [performing live]


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