Friday, January 18, 2008

January 7, 2008: The Dickies and White Barons


This week it was my honor to speak with Stan Lee, lead guitarist of the world famous Dickies, (playing Friday, January 11th at Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco). Later I was joined by SF punk rock band the White Barons (Eva, Johnny One Eye, Nate von Wahnsinn, Adam von Keys: Drums). Eva brought in their new single and plenty of cool 45's from her stash. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand at the very end we were all treated to a phone call from Johnny Dismal of Teenage Harlets - he's the dreamiest. Check out Teenage Harlets, White Barons and Dead City Rockers at the Bottom of the Hill January 17, 2008.

Set List
Jan and Dean: Happy New Year promo
All The Hits, cd2 [1996]
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill: Faster Pussycat Kill Kill [film intro]
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill [1965]
The Meatmen: Mission Impossible
n/a [n/a]

Deuce Coupes: Nite Prowler
Hotrodder's Choice [1963]
Thunder Road: [1950 Ford Coupe [w/music intro]
Thunder Road [1958]
Zeke: Runnin' Shine
Pinstriping The Dutchman's Coffin [2000]
Thunder Road: Chase Guitar
Thunder Road [1958]
The Demonics: 750-Four
Hot Rod Pussy: Best of the Demonics 1993-2003 [2007]
Jan and Dean: Radio Spot 07
All The Hits, cd1 [1996]
Jan and Dean: Drag City (instumental w. backing vocals)
All The Hits, cd2 [1996]
V-rroom! Commercial: V-rroom! Commercial
V-rroom! Commercial [Mattel 1960] [1960]
Nashville Pussy: Johnny Hotrod
Snake Eyes/Johnny Hotrod b/w Headin' for the Texas Border 7" [1997]

Motörhead: Shut You Down
1916 [1991]
Reverend Horton Heat: Marijuana?
Live and In Color [2003]

The Dickies: Attack Of The Killer Clowns From Outer Space
Live In London [1991]

::: Interview - Stan Lee of The Dickies :::

The Dickies: (Stuck In A Pagoda) With Tricia Toyota
Live In London [1991]
The Dickies: Wagon Trian
Stukas Over Disneyland [1983]
The Dickies: I'm A Chollo
Dawn of the Dickies [1979]

New Bomb Turks: Jiving Sister Fanny
Professional Againster 7" [1995]
T.S.O.L.: Politics
demo [2005]
White Barons: Logical Conclusion
White Barons/Dead City Rockers 7" (split) [2008]

::: Interview - White Barons :::

White Barons: You Never Were
Up All Night [2007]
White Barons: Logical Conclusion
White Barons/Dead City Rockers 7" (split) [2008]
The Helicopters: Looking At Me
Looking At Me 7" [1997]
Dead City Rockers: I Wanna Be Poor
White Barons/Dead City Rockers 7" [split] [2008]

::: Interview - White Barons :::

The Merry Widows: Suicide Ride
Girls On Top [2007]
The Insaints: Carry On
the Diesel Queens/The Insaints 7" (split) [1993]
Pineapple Princess: Roll Out the (Malt Liquor) Barrel
Pineapple Princess [n/a]
Lemme w/Wendy O Williams: Stand By Your Man
Stand By Your Man EP [1982]

::: Interview - Johnny Dismal of Teenage Harlets and White Barons :::

Teenage Harlets: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Up The Fixx [2006]
Teenage Harlets: My Thrills
Trash Trash Trash [2005]
The Dickies: You Drive Me Ape You Big Gorilla
Paranoid 10" [1978]
The Dickies: Hideous
Paranoid 10" [1978]

Next Week
Teenage Harlets and Dead City Rockers


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