Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 28, 2008: Deke Dickerson


This week my guest was country/rockabilly/surf/garage/swing troubadour and well know swell guy Deke Dickerson. Catch him on tour and check out his new release King Of The Whole Wide World. Unfortunately a blackout cut our podcast feed 35 minutes into the broadcast, right before Deke's interview. So remember kiddies it pays to listen live. Which reminds me we have a new URL for our stream go to for more info.

Set List
The Ghastly Ones: A-Haunting We Will Go Go
A-Haunting We Will Go-Go [1998]

Kid Thomas: Rockin This Joint Tonight
Rockin This Joint Tonight with Kid Thomas [1960]
Mary Weiss: Don't Come Back
Dangerous Game [2007]
Horror-X: Murder
Music For The Devils Soul [2008]
Elvis Presley: Little Sister/Get Back [rehearsal jam]
Elvis: That's The Way It Is [1970]

Sheriff and The Ravels: Shombolar
Born Bad vol. 8 [2004]
The Peanuts: n/a
n/a [1962]
The Ventures: The 2000 Pound Bee [interview edit]
The 2000 Pound Bee 7" [1962]
Deke Dickerson: Make Way For A Better Man[clip]
King Of The Whole Wide World [2008]

------------ podcast ends ---------------

Untamed Youth: Go Go Ferrari [clip]
Live At The Fabulous El Morocco Lounge [1995]
Untamed Youth: Fire Breathin '32 [clip]
An Invitation To Planet Mace [1997]
Untamed Youth: Long Green [clip]
Sophisticated International Playboys [1992]
Untamed Youth: Haunted Castle Party [clip]
Youth Runs Wild [1998]
Untamed Youth: Some Kinda Fun [clip]
Some Kinda Fun [1989]
The Go-Nuts: The Fabulous Go-Nuts Theme [clip]
Drunk and Cover! [2000]
The Go-Nuts: You Drive Me Ape (you big gorrilla) [clip]
Drunk and Cover! [2000]
Deke Dickerson: Hot Rodders Lament [clip]
Rhythm Rhyme and Truth [2000]
Deke Dickerson: Rockin' Gypsy [clip]
More Million $ellers [2001]
Deke Dickerson: Hot Rod Queen [clip]
Number One Hit Record [2002]
Deke Dickerson: Boone County Blues [clip]
King Of The Whole Wide World [2008]
Deke Dickerson: King Of The Whole Wide World [clip]
King Of The Whole Wide World [2008]
Deke Dickerson: Misshapen Hillbilly Gal [clip]
King Of The Whole Wide World [2008]
Deke Dickerson: Deep River [clip]
King Of The Whole Wide World [2008]
Deke Dickerson: Nightmare of a Woman (w/Billy Zoom) [clip]
More Million $ellers [2001]

::: Interview - with Deke Dickerson :::

Deke Dickerson: Do You Ever Think Of Me [clip]
King Of The Whole Wide World [2008]
Hank Williams III: Orange Blossom Special
Live At The Turf Club, St. Paul, MN, March 23 [2002]
Lee Ving: Cold Beer[clip]
Live at the Temple Bar Santa Monica, CA [2006]
Patsy Cline: Patsy Talks About Car Accident
Live At The Cimarron Ballroom, July 29 [1961]
Patsy Cline: Walkin' After Midnight (original)
Walkin' After Midnight/A Poor Man's Rose 7" [1957]

Angry Samoans: They Saved Hitlers Cock
Back From Samoa [1982]
The Dickies: TV Spot
TV Spot [1979]
The Dickies: Gigantor
Gigantor 7" [1980]

Circle Jerks: Solitary Confinement/Nervous Breakdown
Live at the House of Blues [2004]
Rollins Band: Revenge/Depression (w/Keith Morris)
West Memphis Three Benefit: Live at the Fillmore July 1 [2003]

The Bar Feeders: Lefty
50 Ways To Leave Your Liver [2003]
7 Seconds: Comitted For Life
Committed For Life 7" [1983]
Horrorpops: Heading For The Disco
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill [2008]

La Plebe: Dirty Old Town
Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, y Emoción.. [2007]

Next Week
Dunno? Something totally cool ... I guess?


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