Sunday, December 21, 2008

12.20.08: Over The Line (sub) w/Neighborhood Watch and John the Baker


I sat in for Uncle Mike on his show "Over The Line", sorta ended up being a make-up for the Neat Neat Noise show that was canceled due to a blackout. So I was stoked for the opportunity to have old school Venice Beach band Neighborhood Watch stop by the studio along with John the Baker of Instant Asshole - check it out.

THE VENTURES: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Christmas Album [1965]

THE DEMONICS: Ritual On The Beach - Hot Rod Pussy [2007]
THE RENEGADES: 13 Women - Songs We Taught The Fuzztones (va) [1993]
OCTOBER ALLIED: Murder Me - Point Me South [2006]
CONTROLLERS: Jezebel - Tooth and Nail (va) [1979]

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: Suicide's an Alternative/You'll Be Sorry - Suicidal Tendencies [1983]
NO MERCY: Widespread Bloodshed - Widespread Bloodshed/Love Runs Red [1987]
VERBAL ABUSE: Body Count/No Mercy - Taking Out A Little Agression (va) [2007]
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Delicious Vomit - Neighborhood Watch [1983]

::: Interview - Neighborhood Watch (Chris "Howly Bra", Dave & Mark) :::

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Creation - Neighborhood Watch [1983]

::: Interview - Neighborhood Watch (Chris "Howly Bra") :::

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: I Got The Gout - Welcome 2 Venice (va) [2007]

::: Interview - Neighborhood Watch & John the Baker (Instant Asshole) :::

INSTANT ASSHOLE: I.A.S./No Ins and Outs/Headlines - Instant Asshole/Mouth Sewn Shut 7" [2008]

::: Live Set - John the Baker :::
Fuck Fascit USA
Crack Baby

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Acid Rain - Neighborhood Watch [1983]
FISTS OF FURY: Wrecking Crew - Welcome 2 Venice (va) [2007]
EXCEL: Wreck Your World - Split Image [1987]

::: Interview - Neighborhood Watch (Chris "Howly Bra" of Hated Noise) :::

HATED NOISE (feat. Chris "Howly Bra"): Somebody Else - demo [2008]

::: Interview - Neighborhood Watch (Mark - ex Symbol Six) :::

SYMBOL SIX: Beverlywood - Ego [1982]
CHINA WHITE: Criminal - Danger Zone [1981]
SHATTERED FAITH: Dark Side - Live [1982]
M.I.A.: Gas Crisis - Last Rites For Genocide and M.I.A. [1982]
SECRET HATE: New Routine/Suicide - Hell Comes To Your House (va) [1981]
D.I.: Money Maching - Taking Out A Little Agression (va) [2007]

KID THOMAS: Wail Baby Wail - Rockin This Joint Tonight with Kid Thomas [1960]
THE MARTINI KINGS: Mission Impossible - California Cool [20??]
RANGE WAR (Lee Ving): The Ride - Live at the Temple Bar Santa Monica, CA [2006]
Southern Culture On The Skids: Hey Chuck Berry - Girlfight EP [1996]

STIGMA 13: Nervous Wreck - Nite Cad [2006]

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