Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 19, 2008: The Vaudevilles [live performance]


It was a typical old-school-hardcore-fugged-up-oragan-grinding-blues-au-go-go fest this week folks as Joey Shithead of D.O.A. missed his que and The Vaudevilles hit the Pirate Cat Radio stage. Joey will make an appearance next June until then enjoy the cool old school tunes and the rocking voodoo blues of The Vaudevilles live set.

Set List
The Revels: Congo Twist
Jungle Exotica vol. 1 [1991]

T.S.O.L.: Other Side
Beneath The Shadows [1982]
Kid Thomas: Lookie There
Rockin This Joint Tonight with Kid Thomas [1960]
D.O.A.: I'm Right You're Wrong
War On 45 [1982]
Ramonetures: She's The One
Ramonetures [1999]
The Seeds: Evil Hoodoo
The Seeds [1966]

Naz Nomand and The Nightmares: (Do You Know) I Know
Give Daddy The Knife Cindy [1984]
Howlin' Wolf: Down In The Bottom (unedited version)
The Chess Story 1947-1975 (1960-1961) (Disc 9) [1999]
Horror-X: Murder
Music For The Devils Soul [2008]
Dale Hawkins: Everglades
Daredevil [1997]
Jack White: Jack the Ripper
Peel Session, Febuary 04 [2004]
Screaming Lord Sutch: Monster In Black Tights
I'm A Hog For You / Monster In Black Tights 7" [1963]
The Vaudevilles: Back Down
demos [2006]

::: Interview - Johnny Dismal of The Vaudevilles :::

The Vaudevilles: Bad For You
demos [2006]
Mr. Gasser and The Weird-ohs: Surfer Ghoul
Surfink! [1964]
Undertaker and his Pals: Night of the Ghouls
Graveyard Rock [2004]
Organ Music: Organ Music
Rollerball [1975]
Voodoo Organist: Leave Me Alone
This Burning Hell [2007]

Subhumans [Canada]: Fuck You
The Subhumans EP [1997]
The Skulls: Victims
What? Records Comp 7" [1978]
The Dils: Class War
198 Seconds Of The Dils 7" [1977]
D.O.A.: Liar For Hire
War On 45 [1982]

::: Live Set - The Vaudevilles :::

D.O.A.: World War Three
Positivly 7" [1981]

::: Live Set - The Vaudevilles :::

D.O.A.: The Prisoner
The Prisoner/Thirteen 7" [1978]
Hanson Brothers: My Problem
Sudden death [1996]
Jello Biafra with D.O.A.: That's Progress
Live At The DNA Lounge, November 20 [1990]

::: Live Set/Interview - The Vaudevilles :::

The Vaudevilles: Rock n' Roll
demos [2008]

D.O.A.: The Enemy
Positivly 7" [1981]

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Upcoming Shows
5/26: meWARial day BLOWOUT - Decry + 2hrs. of non-stop war rock
6/2: Social UnRest and Ribzy
6/9: Jill Tracy [preforming live]
6/16: Joey "Shithead" Keithley of D.O.A.


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