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November 05, 2007: Johnny Genocide Benefit - revisited


This week you can re-live the magic of the Johnny Genocide Benefit!! I played many a tune by the participating bands as well as my interviews with Fritz Fox of the Mutants and Cretin of Social UnRest.

Original Announcement
Hugh Patterson a.k.a. Johnny Genocide of the band No Alternative was Diagnosed with Cancer earlier this year and has been going through many costly & painful medical treatments. This is a Benefit to Help Hugh & His Family with Medical Cost that have left them Financially Devastated!

Set List
Pop-O Pies: Fascists Eat Donuts
The White E.P. [1982]

Gorgeous Frankenstein: Made In Hell
Gorgeous Frankenstein [2007]
Danzig: Bringer of Death (live)
When Dead Had No Name: EPs and B-Sides [1995]
Danzig w/Doyle: 20 Eyes
Live in Philadelphia [2005]
Danzig w/Doyle: Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
Live in Philadelphia [2005]
Danzig w/Doyle: We Are 138
Live in Philadelphia [2005]

Social Unrest: General Enemy
Rat In A Maze [1982]
No Alternative: Johnny Got His Gun
SF Underground 7" [1979]
Verbal Abuse: If Speed Kills You're Taking ...
n/a [n/a]
Verbal Abuse: Body Count/No Mercy
Taking Out A Little Agression: A Tribute [2007]
The Lewd: Mobil Home
American Wino [1982]
The Mutants: Emotional Readout
Fun Terminal [1982]

Social Unrest: Making Room For Youth
Making Room For Youth 7" [1981]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p1 :::
Social Unrest: There Mistakes
Not So Quiet On The Westen Front [1982]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p2 :::
UK Decay: Sexual
Sexual/Twist In The Tail 7" [1981]
Social Unrest: Red, White and Blue
Rat In A Maze [1982]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p3 :::
Social Unrest: Lord's Prayer
Rat In A Maze [1982]
::: Interview - Social Unrest (Cretin-Kos) p4 :::
Social Unrest: I Love You
Rat In A Maze [1982]

No Alternative: Sir
Johnny Got His Gun [1978-1982 [1999]
Negative Trend: Black and Red
Live in '78 [1978: Live [1978]

The Mutants: New Dark Ages
Mutnts EP [1978]
::: Interview - Mutants (Fritz Fox) p1 :::
The Mutants: New Drug (Version Two)
Fun Terminal [1982]
::: Interview - Mutants (Fritz Fox) p2 :::
The Mutants: Insect Lounge
Mutnts EP [1978]

M.D.C.: I Remember
Millions of Dead Cops [1982]
::: Interview - M.D.C. p1 :::
M.D.C.: Dead Cops/America's So Straight
Millions of Dead Cops [1982]
::: Interview - M.D.C. p2 :::
Citizen Fish: Conditional Silence
Wider Than A Postcard [1991]
Citizen Fish: Getting Used To It
Deadline [2007]
::: Interview - Citizen Fish (Dick Lucas) :::
Citizen Fish: Clear Channel (F*ck Off!)
Deadline [2007]

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