Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 11, 2007 - Tim Patten, owner of The Bay City Bombers

This week it's all about roller derby. Listen to my interview with Tim Patten, owner of the Bay City Bombers and focus of the new film Jam (jamthemove.com), plus obscure roller derby tunes, film sound clips from Jam, Rollerball, Kansas City Bombers and more, and of course ton's 'O punk & roll for your soul!!!

LGBT Film Festival
June 18
The Victoria Theater
16th @ Capp st., San Francisco

Jam: Intro Announcement
Jam [2007]
The Dwarves: You Gotta Burn
Are Young and Good Looking [1997]

7-Seconds: Clenched Fists, Black Eye
The Crew [1984]
L7: Shove
Smell The Magic [1990]
Rollins Band: Get Some Go Again
Get Some Go Again [2000]
Tony Roman: Tony Roman Explains Jamming
Tony Roman [n/a]
Uncle Leon and the Alibis: Roller Derby Saved My Soul
n/a [n/a]

::: Interview with Tim Patten: Filming (Jam) Timeline :::

Andre Previn: Toccata in D minor
Rollerball [1975]
The Meatmen: Evil In A League With Satan
War of the Superbikes, Vol. 2 [1996]
Howlin' Wolf: Down In The Bottom (unedited version)
The Chess Story 1947-1975 (1960-1961) (Disc 9 [1999]
Elvis Presley: Girls! Girls! Girls!
Girls! Girls! Girls! [1962]

::: Interview with Tim Patten: Rules of Roller Derby :::

Turbonegro: Prince Of The Rodeo
Apocalypse Dudes [1998]
Brian Eno: Blank Frank
Here Come The Warm Jets [1973]
Suicidal Tendencies: Memories of Tomorrow
Suicidal Tendencies [1983]

::: Interview with Tim Patten: Roller Babes, a novel :::

Dave Vanian And The Phantom Chords: Someone Up There
unreleased Polydor album [1990]
Willy Truckaway: Roller Derby Star
Roller Derby Star [1973]
Peaches: I Don't Give A Fuck
Fatherfucker [2003]
Zeke: Wrecking Machine
Pinstriping the Dutchman's Coffin [2000]

::: Interview with Tim Patten: coming out to film crew/Old School :::

Tony Roman: Tony Roman Knockout
Tony Roman [n/a]
Kai Ray: I Want Some Of That
Born Bad - Volume Five [1995]
Edwin Starr: I Love Ya Babe
War and Peace [1970]
Kansas City Bomber: Kansas City Bomber
trailer [1972]
The Lyrics: So What!!
Nuggets Box Set - disc 3 [1998]
The Shangri-Las: Bull Dog
The Shangri-Las (Leader of the Pack) [1964]

::: Interview with Tim Patten: Westling Verses Roller Derby :::

U.K. Subs: Stranglehold
Another Kind of Blues [1979]
M.D.C.: My Family Is A Little Weird
Millions of Dead Cops [1982]

::: Interview with Tim Patten: The Crew (cut short due to time) :::

Circle Jerks: I'm Gonna Live
myspace.com/circlejerx [2007]
Jim Croce: Roller Derby Queen
Life and Times [1973]

Next Week:
Aggression, Shattered Faith & D.I.


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