Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 21, 2007 - Michael J. Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000

This week features an interview with Michael J. Nelson of the cult
hit TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Riff Trax.
Mike discusses his time at MST3K, the books he's authored and his
latest project Riff Trax.

And of course I serve up a heapin' helping of crazy, booze fulled
punk rawk 'n roll, along with plenty'O B-movie bits to give you the
wim-wams - enjoy!

Set List
A Taste of Blood: trailer
A Taste of Blood Trailer [1967]
John Barry: Main Theme: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
On Her Majesty's Secret Service [1969]

Dirtbombs: Chains of Love
Ultraglide In Black [2000]
The Jam: A-Bomb In Wardour Street
David Watts 7" [1978]
The Sparkles: Hipsville 29 B.C.
Songs The Cramps Taught Us Vol. 1 [2001]
Deadbolt: Tijauna Hit Squad
Tijuana Hit Squad [1996]
Bob Log III: F-hole Parade
Log Bomb [2003]
Youth Brigade: Did You Wanna Die
Sound and Fury [1983]
Dicks: Rich Daddy
Kill From the Heart [1983]
Black Flag: My War (Radio Tokyo Session 1984)
The Complete 1982 Demos Plus More [1984]
The Carnabeats: Chu! Chu! Chu!
GS I Love You Too (VA) [1968]
Motörhead: Speedfreak
Iron Fist [1982]
The Ventures: Secret Agent Man
Secret Agent Man EP [1966]
Anti Nowhere League: Snowman
We Are The League [1982]
Velvet Underground: Satellite Of Love (demo)
Peel Slowly And See CD5 [1995]

::: Michael Nelson: Interview Part 1 - MST3K :::

Mad Parade: Real Horror Show
Mad Parade [1984]
The Plasmatics: Living Dead
New Hope For The Wretched [1980]
Discharge: Ignorance
Ignorance EP [1985]
Circle Jerks: Under the Gun
Golden Shower of Hits [1983]
The Dils: Class War
198 Seconds Of The Dils 7" [1977]
Bo Diddley: Ooh Baby
Ooh Baby 7" [1967]
The Darts: Slauson and Soto
Hollywood Drag [1963]
Monster A Go-Go!: Trailer
Monster A Go-Go! Trailer [1965]

::: Michael J. Nelson: Interview Part 2 - Books :::

The Misfits: Spook City USA
Session C - Song Shop Studio [1979]
Subhumans: Zyklon B Movie
The Day The Country Died [1982]
Crucifix: Annihilation
Not So Quiet On The Western Front [1982]
Bad Brains: We Will Not
Rock For Light [1983]
Gene Vincent: Bird Doggin'
Ain't That Too Much: The Complete Challenge Sessions [1966]
Man Or Astro-man?: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme
Destroy All Astro-Men [1994]

::: Michael J. Nelson: Interview Part3 - Riff Trax :::

Detroit Cobras: Shout Bama Lama
Love, Life and Leaving [2001]
Negative Trend: Black and Red
We Don't Play Riot 7" [1978]
Queens of the Stone Age: If Only
Queens of the Stone Age [1998]

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