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June 4, 2007 - Dirkfest with The Avengers and The Mutants

Damn!!! What a show. I had a great time with my guests Penelope Houston of The Avengers/solo John Gullack, Paul Fleming and Fritz Fox of The Mutants. Aside from plugging the shit out of Dirkfest, they all brought in cool records from their collections as well as unreleased stuff probably broadcast here for the first time. I dipped into my 70's/80's punk collection as well and played many a sound clip of Dirk and others from the various recordings. Lot's of great Mab Fab stories, Fritz Fox of the Mutants called in from the road (he's traveling in from Colorado for the show) and Penelope talked about opening for the Sex Pistols at their infamous Winterland show.

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Dirk Dirksen: Mabuhay Gardens Intro/"It's Time For ..."
The Mutants - Forensic Report (DVD) [2006]
The Mutants: Opposite World
Fun Terminal [1978]

::: INTRO - Mabuhay Gardens SF bands set :::

Dirk Dirksen: "Welcome To ... Mabuhay" Gardens"
The Mutants - Forensic Report (DVD) [2006]
Crime: San Francisco's Doomed
San Francisco's Doomed [1991] (recorded 1978)
The Nuns: Media Control
The Nuns [1980]
Ruby Ray: "The Mabuhay Was Our Grimmy Pit"
The Mutants - Forensic Report (DVD) [2006]
The Avengers: Second to None
The Avengers (a.k.a. The Pink Album) [1983]
The Contractions: Magazine Phobia
n/a [n/a]

::: Mabuhay Gardens LA bands set :::

F-Word: Introduction (By Dirk Dirksen)
Like It or Not - Live LP [1979]
F-Word: Out There
Shut Down 7" [1978]
The Screamers: Vertigo
Demos 1977-1978 [n/a]
The Bags: Survive
Survive / Babylonian Gorgon 7" [1978]

::: talk w/Paul Fleming :::

Scarcrow Rodeo: Scarcrow Rodeo (Paul Fleming solo project)
Swamp Cooler [2004]
The Controllers: Electric Church
Tooth and Nail (v/a) [1979]
The Skulls: Victims
What? Records Comp 7" (v/a) [1978]
The Dils: Class War
198 Seconds Of The Dils 7" [1977]

::: talk w/Paul Fleming and John Gullack :::

The Mutants: Think, Think, Think
Fun Terminal [1978]
Fever Crash: Fever Crash (Paul Fleming solo project)
Time Card [2007]
Penelope Houston: Soul Redeemer
The Pale Green Girl [2004]

::: talk w/Penelope Houston, Paul Fleming and John Gullack :::

Pat Johnson: October Moon
October Moon [2005]
n/a: n/a
High Hopes [n/a]
Toiling Midgets: Magazine Phobia
n/a [n/a]
Tommy Padlock: Body Ad
n/a [n/a]
The Avengers: American In Me
The Avengers EP (a.k.a. White Noise EP) [1979]

::: talk w/Penelope Houston, Paul Fleming, John Gullack and Fritz Fox (call-in) :::

The Mutants: Opposite World (D'oh! - 2nd time)
Fun Terminal [1978]
Pink Section: Flat Dog
n/a [n/a]
The Mutants: Post Human Race
Demos 1977 (recorded for Dirk as Mabuhay audition) [1977]
The Mutants: W.A.S.P
Live at the Mabuhay Gardens [1978]

::: talk w/Penelope Houston, Paul Fleming and John Gullack - OUTRO :::

Fritz Fox: "Fritz Thanks Dirk"
The Mutants - Forensic Report (DVD) [2006]
The Mutants: Insect Lounge (w/Dirk Dirksen)
Live at On Broadway, San Francisco, June 15, 1984 [1984]

next week:
Tim Patten owner of the Bay City Bombers roller derby team


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